A big problem with the internet is managing and remembering all of the tools and websites you use.

You probably use some for home and some for work. You probably work on a team with others, perhaps with clients too.

If so, you definitely use and probably share or manage some of these sites and online tools. Most of us who do, struggle to get everyone to use the right tools. And the right tools change all the time.

Setterboard is the answer. It’s the shareable start menu for YOUR internet, and it’s simple to use with your team.

And, if you change or add something, they’ll get the update too.

Organize your boards by project or client or task. No more digging through emails or searching through ad-hoc lists for links. Every web resource is neatly organized and instantly accessible on any of your devices.

Make different boards for different groups of people and share with everyone who needs access. Each board can have its own user group--and you decide who uses your boards. It’s easy to get new team members on board in seconds.

If someone leaves your group, no problem--remove them from your board.

Done working with a client? Remove the board.

You’ll be a superhero, or a super awesome rockstar, or whatever super thing you can imagine. Well, perhaps not. But you’ll make everyone’s life a little easier and your team will love you.

Setterboard is super easy and super free. So get started and make your first board.

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