Quick guide:

When you first create an account, you won’t have any boards yet, unless someone has shared one with you.

So, to make your own board, click the icon to add a new board.

Give it a name. It could be the name of your business, the name of your workgroup, a hobby, or anything that will identify the board as a collection of tools for a purpose.

Great, now you’ve got a board. So, add some destination blocks. Click the button to add a new destination. If you have a few boards already, make sure you add the new destination to the right board. Then, type or paste in the URL and click the button to check. Setterboard will search for as much of the details as it can.

The title should make it easy to identify.

A detailed description can help your teammates and clients know what the tool is for.

Sometimes the icon will show up automatically, but you can always add your own by pasting in a URL of an image from the internet or uploading your own.

When ready, click the button to add the destination and you’re set--it’s on your board.

Perhaps you work for an agency or a small business, you’ll want to add the tools you use to manage your work.

Or, perhaps you have a band or work in research or work for a college or school? Add blocks for the tools and web applications you use with your team.

Keep going until you’ve added all the tools for the job. Click a block to launch it.

If you’ve got a few boards and you want one to show up as the first board every time, make it your favorite.

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