Your toolbox, for your web.

Setterboard helps you by keeping all of your important web tools in one place, and organized. Then, share them with your team, organization, vendors and customers. Everyone stays updated and on the same page—yours!

Make it. Share it. Easy!

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For Teams and Clients

Setterboard allows you to create groupings of links in a single location and share them with your team, clients, and customers—and managed easily by you! Update your board and their view of the board is updated too.

Perfect for:

  • Research Teams, Colleges, and Universities
  • Small Businesses, Agencies, Freelancers, and Service Providers
  • Consultancies and Businesses with divisions to manage
  • and really any business that uses the internet to communicate with workgroups, clients, or customers.

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So, what's it look like?

Well, its a web-app too, so its available on all of your devices. And, you can add it to your phone's homescreen, making it an app that's easy to use on the go.

Setterboad lists your apps, for easy access.

Building boards is easy

  1. First, create a board.
  2. Second, create blocks. Blocks are links to websites and web apps that you use all the time. This isn't bookmarking, its like a start menu for your web. Once you share it, you can keep everyone's board up to date from yours.
  3. Then, share it!

Sharing is caring

Once you've got a board that would be helpful to your client, colleagues, friends, family, or any other group, you can send it to them. The best part is, as you make updates to the board, their board will update too!